Top 10 Restaurants In Birmingham AL For You And Your Family To Enjoy With Food Delivery

When you paint your Birmingham, what type of food do you picture? There are so many great places to eat in The Magic City. Did you know that another nickname for Birmingham is the Pittsburgh of the South? There are more than 700 restaurants to choose from. I’m going to give you the names of 10 top places to eat when you visit Birmingham AL.

El Barrio is one of the great dining establishments that you can enjoy. The address for this restaurant is 2211 2nd Avenue North. You’ve heard of margaritas, but have you heard of a grapefruit margarita? The surprise doesn’t end there because El Barrio also features a jalapeno margarita on the menu. Shrimp quesadillas and other great authentic Mexican cuisine awaits you. People say the food has a gourmet touch. 

Bottega Restaurant is located at 2240 Highland Avenue South. Expect to find great food and great cocktails, and reviews say the dessert chef is recognized internationally. Chicken scallopini, tiramisu and snapper are a few of the menu favorites. Bottega is a very classy Italian-American restaurant, and the pizza served up there is said to be good as well. 

Hot & Hot Fish Club is another popular spot in Birmingham to grab a bite to eat. The address is 2180 11th Street, and the boudin appetizer is a menu favorite according to reviews. People also have great things to say about the duck, potato salad, tile fish, crab pot and more. Reviews also point to the restaurant having a really nice ambiance. 

Do you like Mediterranean cuisine? Eli’s Jerusalem Grill is a great place to check out, and the address is 4673 Highway 280. Some items on the menu include a vegetarian platter, baklava, couscous and shawarma. It’s also a great stop if you’re in the mood for some delicious falafel. 

Saw’s Juke Joint is located at 1115 Dunston Avenue, and it is a great restaurant to pick if you’re looking for beer and delicious barbecue. Is it time for some pulled pork and cold brews? How about some smoked wings and onion rings? Other popular menu items include burgers, ribs and banana pudding. 

Then there is Satterfield’s Restaurant, which is located at 3161 Cabana Heights Road. Scallops, red snapper and butter cake are a few of the menu items that are quite popular there. Satterfield’s Restaurant is a great place to stop by if you’re wanting to enjoy a celebratory dinner. 

If you enjoy Thai food and Asian fusion cuisine, then Surin West is a great stop. The address is 1918 11th Avenue South. Crab angels, sushi rolls, pad prik and chicken noodle bowls make the menu highlights, and there is so much more that awaits you. People say that this place has a nice bar, too, and that you can expect excellent service. 

Or how about beer and pizza? Slice Stone Pizza & Brew is the place for that craving, and the address is 725 29th Street South. Reviews say that Slice Stone Pizza & Brew is a great choice when it comes to topping combinations. There is outdoor seating available, too. It sounds like a great place to hang out and enjoy some great Neapolitan style pizza. 

Village Tavern is located at 101 Summit Boulevard, and it is known for serving up delicious prime rib, cheeseburgers and much more. People also say that there is a nice wine list waiting for you, and that you will find a nice local beer selection. Butter cake, crab dip and fish and chips are a few other great choices if you decide to dine out at Village Tavern. 

Let’s look at one more barbecue place to round out this list of the top 10 restaurants in Birmingham AL. Dreamland BBQ Birmingham is located at 1427 14th Avenue South. There you will find ribs, brunswick stew, banana pudding and so many great eats on the menu. If barbecue is what you’re craving, this is another great stop to make in the city of Birmingham. 

You’re talking about the largest city in Alabama in terms of population. There are so many wonderful restaurants there to choose from. These top 10 picks are sure to find you having a great time with your family, dining out as you paint your Birmingham. Since there are so many different options, one of the ways you can experience every restaurant is to dive into using local food delivery apps that can expand your reach because they make it easy for you to order from restaurants that don’t have their own drivers. That’s a big boost to many local restaurants in the area that haven’t had the same type of exposure as bigger chains.

The Middle Eastern Version of Fast Food

The Middle Eastern Version of Fast Food

Fast food is sold all over the world, it is quick, cheap and easy to get when you’re in a hurry.  In the west when we think of fast food we think of burger restaurants selling burgers and fries that often don’t taste that great and leave you feeling even worse.  However in other parts of the world fast food can not only be flavorful but healthy as well.  Shawarma is the Middle Eastern contribution to fast food and it is delicious!  Now you can find shawarma restaurants all over the world offering up this quick and tasty treat.

What is Shawarma?

Shawarma is basically a sandwich, although that really doesn’t do it justice, it is far more delicious than a plain old sandwich.  It is a wrap made with pita bread although it can be made from a tortilla as well, and it is stuffed with  a good amount of meat and vegetables along with the traditional Arab sauces.  The meat used in traditional Shawarma can be chicken, beef, veal, mutton, lamb or turkey but never pork.  However if you are eating Shawarma outside of the Middle East it is likely to be made from either chicken or beef.

Cooking the Meat

No matter the type of meat that is used the cooking process is the same.  The meat is marinated in spices for hours first before being put onto a spit and slow roasted for hours making sure it is flavorful and tender.  As you order your Shawarma the meat is sliced right off the spit to be rolled up into the pita.  It is always fresh and hot.  Here is a look at how it is cooked.

Serving the Shawarma

In addition to the spicy meat found in Shawarma there are also a variety of sauces you put on it to make it even more delicious.  Often chili sauce, vinegar or mayonnaise can be added, but many prefer it with the traditional Arab sauces like hummus and/or tahini.  Vegetables like, onion, tomato, cucumber, turnip or tabouli salad are also added to the Shawarma and you can add any or all of them depending on your preference.

The next time that you are in a hurry and you’re starving, instead of grabbing another burger that tastes like cardboard you might want to try Shawarma instead.  You can have a healthy and tasty meal that is both quick and far healthier than typically greasy fast food fare.

Tips for Dining in a Middle Eastern Restaurant

Tips for Dining in a Middle Eastern Restaurant

If you’re a food lover who has never dined at a Middle Eastern Restaurant, it is every bit as much a cultural experience as it is a food experience.  Dining in an Arabic restaurant may be a bit different than what you are used to but it can be an incredible experience if you are open to it. If it is your first time then here are some tips for dining in a Middle Eastern restaurant.

Try Some of the Traditional Dishes

Most restaurants will offer some of the more traditional dishes that you will find across the region.  Some of the dishes you want to try will be Briyani, a mixed rice dish served alongside chicken, lamb or beef.  It is made with basmati rice and lots of Middle Eastern spices.  If you are looking for a meat dish to go with your Briyani then you might want to try kebabs.  Kebabs have spiced meat on a skewer either by itself or with vegetables.  You can have them with almost any kind of meat, however in the Middle East they will be made with lamb.   To finish the meal you’re going to want to try Baklava, a succulent sweet pastry filled with pistachios and other chopped nuts.

Take in the Atmosphere

Middle Eastern restaurants typically go for a degree of authenticity so you’re going to find some of the traditional décor from the area.  You will find warm colors that represent the desert and soft lighting.  This is meant to give you a little slice of the Middle East and create a more authentic dining experience.

The Drinks

Alcohol is not part of the Middle Eastern culture so no one is going to recommend a good wine to complement your dinner, in fact alcohol probably won’t be on the menu.  They will serve several different types of tea and the choice of sparkling (mineral) or still water.

Try a Bit of Everything

If your party has never eaten this type of cuisine before then you might want to try a bit of everything.  Order a heap of appetizers that you can all share and it will give you the traditional snacks that you would find in the Arab world.  Ask your server for recommendations they are more than happy to share some of their personal favorites with guests.

Dining at a Middle Eastern restaurant is an incredible experience offering a wide variety of flavors and dishes that will satisfy even the pickiest of palates.